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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

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Free Download Cheat Engine 5.6.1

Cheat Engine, commonly abbreviated as CE, is a memory scanner Free / Hex Editor / Debugger created by Dark Byte (aka Eric Heijnen) for the Windows operating system. Cheat Engine is used to cheat (cheat) in video games, and often is modified and recompiled one to avoid detection .. This program resembles L. Spiro 's "Memory Hacking Software", search and Art Money. It is seeking input values by the user with a variety of options that allow users to search and sort through the database in memory. Cheat Engine can also create an independent trainers who can work independently of Cheat Engine.

Cheat Engine can see the memory in cutting process and make changes to give the user advantages such as infinite health, time or ammunition. It also has some tools for handling Direct3D and OpenGL, so you can see through walls, zoom in / out and advanced configuration allows Cheat Engine to move the mouse for you to get a certain texture in the center of the screen. This is commonly used to create aimbots.

Cheat Engine can inject code into other processes, but doing so may cause the anti-virus software to be confused with a virus. There are versions that false identification to avoid the cost of many characteristics (those that depend on code injection). The most common reason for this type of false identifications is that previous versions are based on a rootkit trojan. The new versions of Cheat Engine are less likely to be blocked by anti-virus programs for functions such as code injection can be used without problems.

Well, it's been a decade now that the first version of Cheat Engine saw the light. To celebrate that fact Open Source released Cheat Engine , which is mainly a bug fix version but also has some small usability improvements, Open Source also wanted to put out a beta version of CE 6 today but since it has an annoying bug that makes the found list hard to use they spend some more time on that first.


jangan lupa SKIPAD (pojok kanan atas) waktu download

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