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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

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Cheat Ghost Online - The Glove Assassin Glitch

The Glove Assassin Glitch (DPS)

By iPwnNoobs

I'm sure some of you have seen, heard of, or used this glitch before but I think I may as well share this. This glitch only works for glove sins and is also known as the Double Penetrator Shot.

1. That you are a Glove Sin
2. You know the skills "Penetrator" and "Double Shot"
3. Fairly good timing.
4. Both skills are set on buttons. (E.g. buttons V,B etc.)
5. Both skills can be used. (You cant use Double Shot by itself and then right away use DPS, you have to wait for the skill to "recharge")
6. You must have enough SP to use both skills together. (Even though you won't)

Doing the trick:

Find yourself a place to train where there are monsters bunched up. First press your Double Shot button and then RIGHT after press Penetrator. It's almost like pressing them at the same time, but not quite. If you have done it correctly, you will see 2 monsters get hit twice. 2 monsters, not 4. If you have done it incorrectly, you could either do a regular Double Shot or regular Penetrator. It doesn't take much practice, just 2-3 times to get the hang of it.


Faster Leveling
More hits compared to usual
Same SP used as 1 skill, not 2
Only counts as Double Shot being used (So you can use Penetrator right after)


Only hits 2 monsters at a time, not 4
Loses the "homing" ability that Double Shot has
Both Double Shot and Penetrator must be able to be used
Need enough MP to use both

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