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Monday, March 16, 2009

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Cheat Ghost Online : How to BOT

Well i will explain to you how to BOT.

Firstly when botting you do not need to worry about your attack skill as that is take care of by Speed Attack.

Step 1 : After attaching Game.exe to UCE, you may get started. go into desired map. tick Speed attack(4 Bytes).
Step 2 : Done ticking. Be sure the Value is at ZERO. cast palm force.
Step 3 : change valvue 0 to 1 and you will see ur char move.
Step 4 : Change valvue from 1 to 2.
Step 5 : change valvue from 2 to 3
Step 6 : change valvue from 3 to 4
Step 7 : change valvue from 4 to 5 you will see yourself casting palm force like mad !
Step 8 : Now to Vac. I use REJIVAC. make sure your Type os at Double. valvue should be at 0.1 change it tp 0.01. see anything ?

Now to bot. we would need : http://www.actool.net/
and here is the code for the macro. rememver to change your pick up key to Delete or if you know what your doin change the script


//By : Likepeas
SetActiveWindow Ghost Online
while 0 = 0
keys {DEL} // Loot you can change {DEL} to ur own keys

or if you dont understand you may download the normal bot (which is super slow in picking up items)http://www.a-z-gaming.com/files/autoloot.zip

to use read this :

Learn to use auto loot

put ur pick up button on ctrl or the high jump button
next press \ to make it work to close it / but sometime it wont close
so u alt tab out of ghost and close the auto loot on the right bottom corner
just right click it and click pause or exit.



here's an updated trainer. fast attack has been added, but don't attack too fast or you will get error 135.
hit the hotkeys while ingame to toggle the options.

CREDITS GO TO : apeape

Here are the results :

Found nothing
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AVG Antivirus
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F-Prot Antivirus
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F-Secure Anti-Virus
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Kaspersky Anti-Virus
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Norman Virus Control
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Panda Antivirus
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Rising Antivirus
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