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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

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Cheat Perfect World : Character Size Hack

To the people who play perfect world, you're stuck with those boring normal characters, well you can change this..

It's REALLY simple, Gosh, I can't belive they left all this unprotected.
Goto 'C:\Program Files\Perfect World Entertainment\Perfect World International' or wherever you saved your version of Perfect World. Then click 'Element', then 'userdata' and then character.

There are a load of .ini files here, do NOT change any of them, instead go into 'Customize'.
For my choice, i've made a fat panda, to do that you open up perfect world, and create a normal panda and save the changes to something like 'Fatty'.
Then go back to the 'Customize' folder and go into the folder named '40'. (Note: this is only the folder for the Panda character where the .ini file is held, you'll have to browse through the other folders to find the character you created).

Once you have located your specific character, open it's .ini file
Scroll right down to the bottom and you should find something like this..

bodyID = 3
colorBody = -1
headScale = 146
upScale = 142
waistScale = 146
armWidth = 146
legWidth = 146
breastScale = 128

Now all you have to do is change everything to 1000 (DO NOT change the colorbody unless you know what you're doing, also do not change the bodyID)
Save that file, and now go back into perfect world, load the character, Voila! A fatass Panda,

The finished part looks like this

bodyID = 3
colorBody = -1
headScale = 1000
upScale = 1000
waistScale = 1000
armWidth = 1000
legWidth = 1000
breastScale = 1000

You can also do this the opposite, like having a super thin character!!
You'd just have to change it to something like...

bodyID = 3
colorBody = -1
headScale = 1
upScale = 1
waistScale = 1
armWidth = 1
legWidth = 1
breastScale = 1

You can also play about with the other parts of the .ini file, if you change it too much it sometime wont load.

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