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Saturday, April 11, 2009

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Cheat RF Online : MSPD Hack

Thumbs up [TUT] MoveSpeed hack
Before anything else, I would like to thanks the people who teach me how to use CE. Thank You guys!

Open your CE and target Rf.bin
Scan for your name using Value Type(Text)
Open the address one by one(each time you open an address press "ctrl+F" click byte and search for the value 70 42)
when you find the value it should be like this...
70 42 00 00 70 42 00 00
Change the value to this...
60 60 00 00 60 60 00 00

after doing this add all the value 60,4bytes to the address the freeze them...
you must have 4 addresses....

I don't know if this hack will be helpful for you... Hope it Does...

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