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Monday, April 6, 2009

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Perfect World : Wallhack

With wallhack perfect world wil make your character move in those specific directions. How to use wallhack :

Download Wallhack.rar

1. Log into Perfect World
2. Run PWGTMv1.8.exe (as Administrator on some systems, Vista especially).
3. Activate the Perfect World window you want to use PWGTMv1.8 with (you have 30 seconds). The window must be named “Element Client” for it to hook, titles like “Element Client blah blah whatever” might work too, but this has not been tested by myself.
4. PWGTMv1.8 will beep twice to let you know its got a hook on your client.
5. On the first time you load, the program will ask for the base address in Hex format of your version of PW

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