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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

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Tips and Tricks : Restaurant City - Facebook - Playfish

We all love food. We appreciate food and we crave for food.

Before, I want to have my own restaurant. However, I don’t have the resources to pursue that dream but thanks to Restaurant City, I can at least pretend that I can. Restaurant City is a new game on facebook developed by Playfish.

In Restaurant City, you get to create and run your very own restaurant! Design it, decorate it, hire your friends to work in it, and collect new ingredients and menu items!

I’ve been playing Restaurant City for a week now and I’m loving it.

So now, let me share some few tips and pointers for Restaurant City.

How do you get ingredients?

* Daily Freebie
This is automatic and will greet you as soon as you log on each day.
* Daily Quiz
Each day, you receive a quiz question in your inbox. If you answer the food quiz correctly, you get a free ingredient.
* Visiting a Friend’s restaurant for the first time (Get clicking!)

How can I gain GP (Gourmet points) faster?
Simple. Keep your browser on! Just leave your restaurant city on, even if you’re not playing. This way, you’ll be sure to gain those extra points which you cannot get while you’re offline. This is also useful if you want to gain level faster.

Keep your employees happy!
Feed them or let them rest. If only they have natural appetite suppressant, so it can suppress their appetite, burn fat and increase their energy output. Remember: Higher happiness = More productivity.

Ways to gain more coins
Get quick coins by picking up trash and shaking trees. While you’re in restaurant view, scroll around your lot. Click all the trees you see because they sometimes drop coins. You aren’t guaranteed a coin every time you do it but it is still an easy way to gain some coins.

Focus on one recipe
Restrain yourself from leveling up lots of recipes art once. Your restaurant can only serve one dish from each category (appetizer, main course & dessert) at a time. So, choose one recipe, click to make sure it’s the recipe being served, and level that up. The higher the level, the more reputation you gain per customer. Make use of the trading feature in Restaurant city!

Meal level to thumbs up conversion

Level 1 = +1.0
Level 2 = +1.2
Level 3 = +1.4
Level 4 = +1.6
Level 5 = +1.8
Level 6 = +2.0
Level 7 = +2.2
Level 8 = +2.4
Level 9 = +2.6
Level10 = +2.8

Make your layout more efficient

As much as possible, avoid too much space between the waiters and the tables. Fix your table layout so that your waiter doesn’t have to walk far to serve your tables.

For the table ratio, I go for 3:1. It means 3 tables per 1 cook. Then 1-2 waiters per 3 cooks.

Prioritize more cooks over waiters.

Play in lower quality
There’s a button on the top left corner of the game which allows you to adjust the game quality. Changing your quality to low makes the game run much faster, hence each customer visit goes faster = more cash.

Create waiting chairs

Waiting chair is a feature which allows you to increase the time in which a customer waits before leaving. This is useful as every customer who leaves disgruntled results in a decrease of your restaurant’s reputation. To make waiting chairs, read the following tips for higher success rate.

* Don’t place the waiting chairs next to the door
* Don’t place too many chairs.
* Place one or two arcade machines to keep your customers entertained for a bit longer.

Make a maze
If your waiters are struggling to clear the dishes in time for new customers then make a maze. This increases the time the customer takes to reach the table and the table should have already been cleared by the time the customer reaches it.

Close your Restaurant
If you can’t login for a long time, you may close your restaurant by blocking the door with something like a chair, table or your mailbox. Or you can just remove the door itself.

Warning: Restaurant City is very addicting. LOL …

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