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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

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Cheat RF Oline : Contribution Point

You use this trick to save your contribution poin or CP RF. How to use make contribution point or CP will not decrease :

1. you with your friends login in different computer, example you have bellato character and your friend have cora, and same level and not different rank.

2. Before chipwar, you trade CP with your friend and your friend kill you until the CP not decrease again,

3. Then you doing same thing to him.

This is work on all races.

For accretioan if you wan decrease your contribution poin, you must have friend in another race with same level and the range of your contribution poin not so far.

RF online PvP Combat System

The highlight of RF Online is PvP. It is conducted on a large scale and encourages teamwork and co-operation between players to overcome their target.

The main attraction is the Chip War, which occurs three times a day. There is also Guild-versus-Guild combat in a fun but deadly sport called Circle Zone Scramble. Other than the chip wars and GvG, players are free to roam into enemy territory and engage enemy players at anytime they choose. You do not lose nor gain any experience in PvP, however you do gain “contribution points” and “PvP points”.

PvP directly affects your rank within the race. Those who engage in PvP will inevitably be at a higher rank than those who abstain from PvP.

Contribution Points :

Players are awarded contribution points for killing players of other races. These points are used to rank players in order. The top five on the rankings are declared the “Race Council” and get access to race and patriarch chat. The top ranked player is the “Race Archon” and is decorated with an aura that is visible to all.

Contribution points are gained by completing quests, winning Chip Wars, or killing other players. If the player’s rank is higher, you will gain more contribution points for killing him/her, however if the player’s rank is lower, you will gain less contribution points. Likewise, if a player of higher rank kills you, you will lose less contribution points. If a player of lower rank kills you, you will lose much more contribution points.

PvP Points :

Players will receive PvP points for taking down enemy players. There is no system message informing you of how much PvP points you gained for killing a player of an opposing faction, however you can check the total number of PvP points you have accumulated at the Race Manager. So what do you do with PvP points? Well ultimately, you will want to exchange them for gold. This can be done at the Race Manager by sliding the marker to the right to determine how many points you want to exchange for gold, then clicking “OK”. Keep in mind that each piece of gold is equal to 200 PvP points.

Player Ranks :

RF Online is a PvP focused game, and with PvP comes ranks. Ranks are divided into eight different stages for each race, and have both a level and contribution point requirement. Ranks are a measure of both a player’s combat experience as well as the strength of the player. Your rank is displayed over your character as well as on the top 100 rankings (if you make it to the list).

In proportion to the total number of the population, your rank is decided when your character’s contribution point is within a fixed proportion. When the average contribution point of your race is increased, your rank can be degraded and even if there is no change in the contribution point of your character.

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