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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

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Cheat RF Online : Easy Farming

Easy farming RF can use for solo HQ PB and settlement PB using this cheat, especially specialist. Here are some tips easy farming RF :

1. login in RF

2. Download and open cheat engine

3. Click "Computer Icon" that is in the upper left Window of the CE

4. Process List will appear then Target "RFonline"

5. Click on "Value type" change it to "TEXT"

6. then on "Value" type your Weapon EX. "Hora Intense Akeron Launcher"

7. Click "NEW SCAN" "SCAN"

8. addresses will appear about 5-10 addresses. Browse all find the value of "A8 08"

9. Type your name on the Value EX

10. Click "New Scan"

11. again Addresses will appear about 5-7 addresses browse all and Find the value that are "blinking" your on the right spot if you saw values that are blinking all the time.

12. Click and add address "a4 07" that is above "80 3f" gets?

13. See the "A4 07" color brown?? add it and change it to 2bytes and click it to "+" sign

14. Lastly to complete 100x ASPD, below "a4 07" you ll see "80 3f", that is burst damage and thats all you got 100x aspd

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